April 2019 marks another breakthrough for carbon fiber spar caps produced in VAP® infusion

With the process development from COMPOSYST GmbH, a blade manufacturer in China successfully finished the production of an 87,5 m long carbon fiber spar cap, the longest and widest one made in infusion so far.

The spar cap was infused in VAP® technology with COMPOSYST’s VAP® membrane which enables degassing of the resin during the entire infusion and eases resin distribution throughout the entire part. Furthermore, the double-chamber system created by the VAP® infusion system makes it possible to precisely adjust the amount of resin allowed into the part. This fact, together with the characteristically homogeneous pressure distribution of a VAP® infusion, results in an accurately determined fiber volume fraction that is constant throughout the entire part length.

For the infusion process to run smoothly, the fibre architecture of the preform –especially with regard to its permeability– also plays a decisive role. COMPOSYST worked in close collaboration with the textile experts at SAERTEX in order to select the unidirectional non-crimp fabric with increased z-permeability that was used in this project.

The infusion process itself took less than 2 hours –a record spar cap in record time! After demolding, all parties involved were pleased to inspect a spar cap of virtually perfect built quality.

At the end of the day, VAP® technology is reliable, easy to implement and made this challenging infusion possible whilst delivering a defect-free part.